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Student of the Month Winners for January 2024

SOM-January 2024

L to R: Clifford H. Wise Intermediate School Dean of Students Mollie Mark, MTA President Joe Byrne, Kingsley Harden, Thomas Haist, Aaron Schmidli, Joseph Meyer of Rosenkrans Pharmacy, and MCSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction Julie Webber



The Medina Teachers Association, the Medina Central School District, and the Medina Area Partnership are proud to announce the January selections for Students of the Month.  This award is a combined effort of these organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.  


Rosenkrans Pharmacy has graciously sponsored the award for January.  This month, students are being honored with this article and a yard sign from the MTA to celebrate their achievement. The yard sign was presented by Joseph Byrne, President of the Medina Teachers’ Association.  Mrs. Julie Webber also presented the winners with a pen and pencil set.  In addition, Rosenkrans Pharmacy presented each of this month’s winners with gift bags.


Nominated by Allison Woodburn and Taylor Gross of Oak Orchard Primary School was first grader, Kingsley Harden.  Mrs. Woodburn and Mrs. Gross shared the following about Kingsley. Kingsley definitely stands out as a special student not only for his willingness to learn new things and do his absolute best on all assignments, but also for his unique character and big heart. He finds ways to show kindness to others by offering encouraging words to peers or by giving praise to others when they win competitions or complete a nice job in the classroom. He is genuinely happy for others and is excited for his peers when they work hard. His positivity and joyful spirit are contagious. Other students in our room notice how happy and joyful he is and try to be the same way. We made a Thanksgiving video where each child was able to say one or two things they were thankful for. When it was Kingsley's opportunity, he shared that he is thankful for all things that are good and that everything in his life is good. In December, we wrote letters to Santa, and he asked for everyone in the world to experience peace, kindness, and to have a good healthy life. We were so touched with his wishes for Christmas and truly feel that his personality reflects amazing character and thoughtfulness. He is intrinsically motivated to do well and values relationships, rather than materialistic things. When he notices that someone is feeling sad, he goes out of his way to cheer them up. When it is someone's special day, he celebrates that person with compliments and thoughtful acts. He found out that it was one of his classmate's birthdays one week, and he made him a card at home to show him kindness. Kingsley's heart and character are so admirable, especially at such a young age. He is also very academically motivated as well. After completing a math assignment, he will turn the paper over and independently write extra math facts or portray additional evidence of his learning. When asked to write one or two sentences for a writing assignment, he will write an entire paragraph and add illustrations with details to go along with it. He asks to take chapter books home in his reading bag to work on his reading skills and challenge himself to read higher level texts. Kingsley finishes work in a timely manner and will offer help to a classmate who may not understand the lesson well all on his own. We are so proud of him for all of these reasons.


From Clifford H. Wise Intermediate School, Kristen Armenia nominated one of her sixth grade students, Thomas Haist. When Mrs.  Armenia indicated her reasons for nominating Thomas, she shared that Thomas is the epitome of a role model!  He is a conscientious and responsible student, and a pleasant young man to chat with and be around.  There is not a stand-alone story to tell of how Thomas was great once, because Thomas is ALWAYS great!  He is the kid who gets along with ALL the others!  He is a generous kid.  He is always willing to share his time and knowledge with others.  Thomas is patient and tolerant of others, and he is always celebrating the achievements of others.  He does the right thing, even when it's unpopular.  Thomas is a nice kid, and he should be celebrated! 

From Medina Junior-Senior High School, Aaron Schmidli, a tenth grader, was nominated by Rachael Rutledge, Jeff Dole, & Chad Kowalik.   Mrs. Rutledge shared that he consistently puts forth excellent effort, regardless of the complexity of the task.  When he makes an error, he is quick to correct it and will apply that information to new situations or tasks.  Aaron is polite and kind to all those he works with.  If someone is having a hard time with a concept or figuring out an answer, he will volunteer to help. He is extremely responsible and seeks out the opportunity to improve or complete extra assignments.  Aaron truly demonstrates the qualities of a Mustang!  Mr. Dole and Mr. Kowalik also shared that Aaron works extremely hard in class and wants to make sure his work is correct. He stays after to make up work that he misses when he is absent. He is also an advocate for himself to seek extra help outside of math class when he is confused. Aaron shows concern about his education and is willing to keep trying in math. Besides his hard work, Aaron is very polite. He takes time to say hello, goodbye, and thanks.


Congratulations to this month’s winners! The MTA, MCSD, and the MAP will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored???