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Medina Tech Students Help Out Local Chocolate Shop

Tech Class

L to R: Abigayle Wright, Riley Tompkins, Seth Micilizio, Gordon Young, Rodrick Griffin, Braden Silker, Keneth Tireman and Mr. Lepkyj   



Tech Class

Seth Micalizio and Abigayle Wright.  


Della’s Chocolates, on Main Street in Medina, has been searching for years to find a mustang mold to celebrate Medina Central School District’s mascot.  Owner Susan Fuller says it has been frustrating, to say the least. 


The Medina Parents Athletics Club asked Technology and Engineering teacher Mike Lepkyj if there was any way he could task his students with the project of making a chocolate mold so it could be used for fundraising.  Mr. Lepkyj brainstormed with his students on how to go about the challenge.  “We made some wood cutouts of the mustang and used our new resin 3D printer to create the chocolate mold,” he says.  “We realized pretty quickly, through trial and error, that it was too shallow to create the 1.5 ounce mold they needed.”


Tenth grade student Abigayle Wright suggested that they place two of the wood cutouts on top of each other to create more depth for the required size.  “It just was not working and I thought we need to stack these.  It was a fun project that required some problem solving, which is something I enjoy.  I really have loved all my Technology classes here.”  Classmate Seth Micalizio says he really enjoyed the task as well.  It was a lot of fun and the chocolate was delicious.”


Mr. Lepkyj says it was a great opportunity for the students to learn the new equipment.  “After two years of not really being able to interact because of the pandemic, it was great teaching this new technology.  The students were fascinated by how the 3D printer heats up liquid to make the mold.  They also got a little lesson in chocolate making to figure out how the bar would come out of the mold.  It was a real world project that the students really embraced and did a fantastic job with.” 


Mrs. Fuller says she was very pleased with the mold when it was presented to her.  “It worked out wonderfully,” she says.  “I made 120 bars with it and they are all gone.  I will be making more in the future.  It was a great opportunity to work with the students and Mr. Lepkyj and just a great collaboration that will benefit us all.” 


The project seems to have sparked more ideas in the students and Mr. Lepkyj says the Technology and Engineering class is looking into more ways to use the technology he has purchased.  “We have been making Buffalo Bills signs to raise money and donate to worthy causes and pretty soon we will start a unit on t-shirt making for all our students here.  It is great to see the enthusiasm that the students have.”