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Medina Students Embrace Philanthropy for Class Project

MCSD Philanthropy Class Project

"Protect Our Planet" Picture: Cayden Manners, Madison Farley, Hagen Van Leuven, Allie Smith and Macenzie Sword

MCSD Philanthropy Class Project

"Dog and Cat Food" Picture: Robert Lechner, Dominic Waring and Milo Vidovich

MCSD Philanthropy Class Project

"Environmental Pledge" Picture: Trevon Shine, and Tatianna Maxon

MCSD Philanthropy Class Project

"Blankets" Picture: Milo Vidovich, Mackenzie Poynter and Alex Klinzing


Medina Junior-Senior High School teacher Krista Lindke was pleasantly surprised at the response she got from her 8th grade High School and Beyond students for a recent class activity.  “The activity that I assigned was a philanthropy project about kindness and the spirit of giving.  For six days, the class broke into three groups: People, Animals, and the Environment and they had to complete three tasks each and choose an organization to donate to.” 


The People team collected numerous winter clothing items and delivered them to the Batavia Salvation Army.  They made Thanksgiving cards for the residents at Orchard Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and gifted candy to the nursing staff.  They also made “Help a Teacher” tickets for the 8th grade teachers. 


The Animal team collected and donated several cans/boxes of dog and cat food and delivered them to the Niagara County SPCA.  They also crafted and delivered dog blankets to the Niagara County SPCA.  In addition they constructed a couple feral cat boxes and placed them in the community and dog treats were distributed to the teachers for their pets or their neighbors’. 


The Environment team collected over 1,000 can/bottle returns and donated the proceeds to the Nature Conservancy.   Birdseed baggies were put together and distributed to the teachers.  They had 100 people sign a “No More Straws” pledge sheet and they picked up litter after school. 


“This was such an impactful activity for my class,” says Mrs. Lindke.  “The students really went above and beyond and their kindness was definitely abundant.  I am very proud of them!  We also could not have done it without the help of the wonderful teachers and staff at MHS!”