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Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Student Makes Tool for SWAT Team

AME Student

Photo Caption: Mitchell Silversmith (Medina) with teacher Bill Rakonczay


Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering teacher Bill Rakonczay loves when his students get real world experience.  Recently Mitch Silversmith, a senior from Medina, was tasked with making a breaching tool for the Buffalo Field Office Special Response Team (SWAT). 


The tool resembles a claw and can be used to create a gap in-between the frame and a door making it easier to pry the door open.   The Field Office was thrilled with Mitch’s tool and even refer to it as the “Mitchell”.  They came to the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center to give a demonstration to Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering and the Security and Law Enforcement classes.  The students were also able to explore the SWAT vehicle and try out some of their equipment. 


At the end of their demonstration on using the “Mitchell” to breach the door, the officers presented Mr. Rakonczay and Mitch a certificate of appreciation.  “It was really awesome to see how my tool was going to be used and get this experience,” says Mitch.