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Student of the Month Winners for May 2021

The Medina Teachers Association, the Medina School District and the Medina Area Partnership are proud to announce the May  selections for Students of the Month.  This award is a combined effort of these organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.  


Brushstrokes has graciously sponsored the award for May. Due to Covid concerns in our area no presentations or prizes ceremonies  are occurring at this time. Honorees will receive their prizes and yard signs at a later date.  Check out a video honoring our winners at the end of this article. 


Nominated by Allison Woodburn of Oak Orchard was first grader Rayna Balaban  Mrs. Woodburn shared that Rayna is an excellent student who is intrinsically motivated to do well.  She loves to learn, shows excitement when learning new things, and is eager to take on challenging tasks.  She perseveres through difficult assignments and never gives up.  Not only does she try her best, but she encourages others to do their best as well.  I often hear her repeating little sayings to her classmates that we use in our classroom such as , "Do more than your teacher asks of you", "Always try your best!", and "When you can choose to be anything in the world, choose to be kind".  Rayna will go above and beyond her assignment expectations by demonstrating everything she knows.  For example, if I ask her to write a subtraction number sentence to solve a word problem, she will do the subtraction number sentence and then turn that number sentence into an entire fact family.  When I ask her why she did the entire fact family, she always responds that she wanted to make me proud!  Another example is after she finishes an assignment early, she will turn the page over and write sentences or practice writing words that match the phonics pattern we are learning about.  She is always on task, always working hard, and always finding a way to challenge her brain.  Rayna is an exceptional friend to all of her peers.  She offers to help students who are struggling, and shows kindness to others by offering compliments and encouragement if someone is having a difficult day.  Rayna loves to demonstrate her knowledge of a lesson by teaching a peer who may not have understood the lesson.  Even though she has a mask on, I can tell she has a big bright smile on her face every morning as she cheerfully enters the classroom ready to learn!  


From Clifford Wise Intermediate/Middle School, Jenna Wopperer and Sara Kyle nominated one of their fifth grade students, Israel Delgado. When Mrs. Wopperer indicated her reasons for nominating Antonio, she shared that Izzy is a kind, creative, and funny student! He brings a smile to the faces of everyone he is around and we can always count on him for a very comical reaction during our class read alouds. He’s worked hard to meet and surpass multiple math goals and we've witnessed so much improvement in his STAR ELA and math scores. Izzy is an extremely talented artist and the other students always admire his creativity. He is a student that embodies the pillars of our creed and I have no doubt he will do great things in 6th grade. Mrs. Kyle also shared that Israel has worked extremely hard this year!  He enjoys the challenge of setting and then meeting a goal especially in math!  He is an amazing friend to his peers.  He also is always eager to help them as well.  He has impressive communication skills for a student of his age with both peers and adults.  One thing that I truly admire about Israel is his love for the creative arts.  He takes pride in his projects for technology and art.  He often wants to share with me his progress and explain to me exactly what he is working on.  It has been nice working with such a polite, hardworking and well rounded student this year! 


From the High School, Destiny Jones, a senior, was nominated by PJ Bell.  Mr. Bell  reports that Destiny has confronted a significant amount of personal adversity over the last few months while maintaining her characteristic drive - both in her academics and in her job. She is enrolled in four AP classes and two AS classes and works nearly full-time hours at her job (Burger King) as an assistant manager. In AVID, I learned about the adversity she faced over the last two months. I thought she was going to crack, resulting in a negative impact on her 3rd MP grades. I was glad that I was wrong. While not perfect, she maintained her strong performance in the vast majority of her highly demanding classes. Destiny's drive to be successful, to conquer adversity, and to remain focused on achieving her college goals deserves recognition. She has not had an easy road but believes strongly in individual responsibility. Rather than make excuses, she works hard inside and outside the classroom. 


Congratulations to this month’s winners! The MTA, MCSD and the MAP will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored???