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Student of the Month Winners for November 2021

 SOM Nov 2021

In the photo from left to right are MCSD Superintendent Mark Kruzynski, MTA President Joe Byrne, Henry Dresser, Kristi Oliver, Riki Lake, Joseph D'Amore, and Steven Davis


The Medina Teachers Association, the Medina School District, and the Medina Area Partnership are proud to announce the November selections for Students of the Month.  This award is a combined effort of these organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.  


C&H PC  has graciously sponsored the award for November.  This month students are being honored with this article and a yard sign to celebrate their achievement. The yard sign was presented by Joseph Byrne, President of the Medina Teachers’ Association, and Mark Kruzynski, Superintendent of Medina CSD. Mr. Kruzynski also presented the winners with a pen and pencil set.  In addition, C&H PC presented each of this month’s winners with electronic gifts. 


Nominated by Jamie Brooks and Travis Phillips of Oak Orchard, was second grader Henry Dresser.  Mrs. Brooks shared that Henry is a great example of our Mustang Mission by showing respect, responsibility, honesty and kindness.  Henry comes in every morning ready to learn.   He brings joy to the classroom with his sense of humor and keeps the learning fun while always doing his best on every assignment.  He has been elected to be on our safety patrol because of his honest personality.  He has also been chosen to be the classroom student helper because he knows the classroom procedures and is always modeling 2nd grade behavior.  When students are unsure of directions while I am with a small group they ask Henry.  He is always patient, kind, and helpful to his classmates.  He hands in all work in a timely manner and is determined to do his best. He is a leader in the classroom. Mr. Phillips added that Henry has demonstrated exceptional responsible behavior on many occasions here at Oak. He is kind, respectful, and an honest student. He is always willing to help others and does his best no matter the task.


From Wise Intermediate School, Olivia Zambito and Kari Webster nominated one of their sixth grade students, Eleanor Weese. When Mrs. Zambito indicated her reasons for nominating Eleanor, she shared that Eleanor was a virtual student for part of the year last year, and she has done a great job working hard to fill in the gaps that virtual learning has caused. Eleanor comes to school each and everyday with a positive attitude and is ready to learn. Eleanor completes all of her work, and when she is done, she will often assist her peers with the assignment if needed. Eleanor is often paired with a student who needs extra support, and she never views this as a burden.  She sees it as an opportunity to help someone who needs it. She is great about asking questions when she needs support, and goes out of her way to put extra effort into her school assignments. Reading can be challenging for Eleanor which is why she has chosen to sign audio books out of the school library. She has already listened to 3 total books this year! Mrs. Webster shared that when Mrs. Zambito mentioned that she nominated Eleanor Weese, she wholeheartedly seconded that nomination. She also shared that Eleanor is such a positive role model, works hard, and has begun to contribute more to class discussions as of late. Her attitude has become more positive as well. 


From the High School, Kristi Oliver, a  senior, was nominated by Sara Cinquino and Kayla Rosenbeck.  Mrs. Cinquino and Mrs. Rosenbeck report that Kristi is a member of the Student Association here at the Junior-Senior High School. Last week during Homecoming, and the weeks leading up to it, Kristi really stepped up in a lot of ways and demonstrated a number of leadership qualities. She filled any empty role that we had and was willing to spend a lot of time after school to help with some of the behind the scenes activities and tasks. During the District Wide Pep Rally, she was willing to help in any way possible to ensure a smooth show.  She helped with musical chairs, reading the SA President's part of the script last minute, and assisting in setting up the pie in the face event. Student of the Month should be someone that cares about their school and community, and is willing to go above and beyond for them. Kristi did just that the last few weeks.


Congratulations to this month’s winners! The MTA, MCSD, and MAP will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored???