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Student of the Month Winners for January 2021

The Medina Teachers Association, the Medina School District, and the Medina Area Partnership are proud to announce the January selections for Students of the Month.  This award is a combined effort of these organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.  


Creekside Floral has graciously sponsored the award for December. Due to the increased Covid concerns in our area, no presentations or prize ceremonies  are occurring at this time. Honorees will receive their prizes and yard signs at a later date.  Check out a video honoring our winners at the end of this article. 


Nominated by Allison Woodburn of Oak Orchard was first  grader Josiah Olsen.  Mrs. Woodburn shared that Josiah sets a great example with his behavior and makes sure to always follow our Mustang Mission of being respectful, responsible, honest, and kind.  Josiah is such a hard-working student who not only loves school, but also always makes sure to try his absolute best on every assignment.  In fact, he sets such a high standard for himself that he wants his work to be done perfectly with neat handwriting before handing it in.  I am always amazed at how much effort, thought, and creativity he puts into his work.  Josiah is incredibly polite and always uses his manners by saying "please" and "thank you" on his own.   Josiah is the first person to offer a helping hand to a neighbor or to the teacher and does this out of the kindness of his heart.  He never has to be asked to help someone do something, he automatically does it all on his own.  He does this simply because he has a kind heart and finds joy in helping others. Josiah believes in others and always finds ways to encourage his classmates. I am always so proud of him for doing his best, staying on task, and for coming to school with a smile every day! He is an outstanding student, and I really enjoy having him in my class.


From Wise Middle School, Melissa Wroblewski and Melissa Valley nominated one of their sixth grade students, Kaity Howe. When Mrs.  Wroblewski indicated her reasons for nominating Kaity, she shared that Kaity is a virtual student, and does exceptional work. She is at every single solitary meet, she is always on time, she has every piece of work in, and it is done extremely well. In these unprecedented times, where some kids are at home at times without parental  supervision and are in charge of their own academics, she is doing an outstanding job. She continues to be a role model, and asks great questions in our Google Meets.  I am very impressed with the quality of her work, seeing that she is remote. Being remote is not easy for any of our students, but she makes it look effortless.  Mrs. Valley also shared that Kaity’s work-ethic, communication, eagerness to learn, eagerness to help, and quality of work has impressed me immensely. Kaity is a student who goes above and beyond at all times. On top of her 100% math average, Kaity has been incredibly helpful as a virtual learner. In the beginning few weeks of school, Kaity proved to be a great help to me. As we were ironing out kinks and becoming acclimated with distance learning, Kaity was a great reference and source of support. That may sound unusual coming from a teacher who leaned on her 6th grade student as a reference and support, but I’m happy to admit it. We can’t always see what the students see as virtual learners, and let’s face it: we had a lot to learn ourselves. Kaity’s efficiency helped greatly. She would contact me first thing in the morning if something was amiss. I was usually able to rectify the problem before other students even logged in and knew that Kaity and I were hard at work! Juggling in-class students and virtual students at the same time can prove to be a little hectic; however, “my assistant, “ Kaity, has it covered.  Often, as students post questions on our Google Classroom page, Kaity responds with help before I have the opportunity to see their questions. As things have fallen into place, it has become smoother, but I fret not, as I know Kaity has my back. On top of completing all of her school work, with fidelity, and being a virtual “assistant,” Kaity participates in all extra activities I provide. She enters every game and challenge offered and completes all optional review and practice activities. We currently have a “Jingle-Off” where students are given coordinates and a coordinate plane. They are to graph the points, connect them, then color the various shapes (all Christmas related). Then, they are posted to our class page to “Deck the Stream” (since we don’t have a hallway)! Kaity had ALL of them done in 2 days. Then, she created her own coordinates of a reindeer for all the students to do, and she also graphed it herself to post. It was very impressive. The quality of work Kaity does is exemplary. It’s the kind of work that stops you in your tracks. Sometimes going through 70+ assignments from students can become tedious. Kaity’s often perks me right up. It is not only visually appealing, but of exceptional quality. 


From the High School, Jacob Velesko, a senior, was nominated by Samantha Rennie.  Mrs. Rennie reports that  she has had the pleasure of having Jacob as a student since 8th grade. He is what we call "a good kid." Truthfully,  I think because of this, he has been overlooked as I think about students who I'd like to nominate. After having him for so many years, I've come to expect (and take for granted) his good behavior and respect. Even though Jacob has always been respectful and a hard-working student, he has really grown into a fine young adult over the years. Being a senior this year, it is obvious that Jacob wants to leave a positive impact and impression on his school, teachers and classmates.  In the classroom and at home, Jacob takes responsibility for his work. He is not afraid to ask questions or set up Google Meets if he needs extra help on something.  He is always sure to express his appreciation for the extra help too, whether it's from me or another classmate. I've even had students say "Jacob asks a lot of questions, but I'm glad because they're always questions that I'm thinking about too, but just don't want to ask." His work is always done on time and he puts forth his full effort. I also work with Jacob in the National Honor Society. Even among a great group of students, he sticks out, in a good way. Last month for our Veteran's Day Dinner, Jacob was one of the top students who collected donations to pay for the dinner. He even donated some of his own money. He showed up early to help get things set up and was one of the last students to leave, making sure we didn't need any other help before he left.


Congratulations to this month’s winners! The MTA, MCSD and the MAP will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored??? 


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