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Board of Education Candidates

Annette Allis

Annette H. Allis


Residence:  Ridgeway


Professional/Employment: Science and Math Teacher (1985-1988) Roanoke Rapids CSD, North Carolina; Science Teacher (1989-2019) Newfane CSD, New York; Science Teacher Long Term Substitute (Current) Lyndonville CSD, New York


Education:  Medina CSD; Western Branch CSD, Virginia; Virginia Tech B.S.Ed; University at Buffalo M.Ed


Family: Married to Roger Allis and have a step-daughter:  Christine Allis Spearin, and two sons:  Sterling and Hayden.


Organizations or Affiliations:  NYSUT member (30.5 years); Orleans Niagara BOCES Teacher Center Board Member (15 years); Newfane Teacher Union Board Member (15 years); and NYSUT Retirees of WNY Member (1 year)


Prior Board of Education Experience:  None


Why are you running for the Medina CSD Board of Education?  I am running for Medina CSD Board of Education because I want to focus on what is best for all students.  I have lived in the area most of my life.  I am so proud to say my children graduated from Medina CSD where they gained the necessary tools to be successful in their adult pursuits.  My retirement has given me an opportunity to give back and work to keep our school system exceptional.


What do you hope to accomplish?  I would try to involve all our partners; parents, students, administrators, and staff to work collaboratively, to embrace change and keep our eyes on the furture.  No single group does all the work when it comes to education.  Medina students will benefit most when all partners choose to work as a team.  I will concentrate on student achievement and the implementation of policies that would ensure success for all students.  I will strive to take advantage of opportunities to communicate the needs of our District to other levels of government and advocate for Medina CSD.


Why does education matter?  Education matters for a multitude of reasons.  An education will assist students in setting goals which I believe is imperative to long term success in school and beyond.  Students also gain a sense of pride in themselves when they accomplish those set goals.  When an individual has an education, they are able to fulfill basic needs in life.  It also facilitates the building of character because you learn about different cultures, languages and how other people think and live.  This broadens their sense of tolerance and acceptance which is lacking in many parts of society today.  Lastly, an education fosters critical thinking skills and creates opportunities that are available to them for the rest of their lives.



 Arlene Pawlaczyk

Arlene Pawlczyk


Residence:  Ridgeway


Professional/Employment:  Retired from the Medina CSD


Education:  Medina High School


Family: Married to Kenneth Pawlaczyk and have three children.


Prior Board of Education Experience:  Three years on the Medina CSD Board of Education.  I am currently serving as President of the Board.  Also, serving as a member on the following committees:  District Safety, Advisory K-12 Counseling, and the District Strategic Planning Committee.  I was previously on the Policy/Personnel Committee, and two years as Medina's representative on the Niagara/Orleans School Board Association Committee.


Why are you running for the Medina CSD Board of Education?  I would like to continue working on the education that our students deserve and at the same time keep a fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of Medina.


 What do you hope to accomplish?  I hope to accomplish working on ways to better student educaton for all.  Exploring new ways to keep our community informed and look for ideas to involve them in our school system.


Why does education matter?  Education matters and we need to get everyone involved from students, to parents, staff and community members.  The children are our future leaders, business owners and company employees.  I believe as a TEAM, we can help them make the right choices for their future.



LuAnn Tierney

LuAnn Tierney


Residence:  Barre


Professional/Employment: Physical Education Teacher Royalton-Hartland CSD (33 years); Adjunct Instructor/Professional Tutor at Genesee Community College (9 years); NYS and USATF Track and Field Official (11 years); Barre Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson (6 years)


Education:  Lyndonville High School; BSE SUNY Cortland; MSE SUNY College at Brockport; SDA College at Brockport


Family: Married to Timothy Tierney and have three children: Matthew, Dan and Emily Tierney.


Organizations or Affiliations:  USATF, Genesee Region Track & Field Officials


Prior Board of Education Experience:  None


Why are you running for the Medina CSD Board of Education?  I am running for the Board of Education to contribute to our educational community in Medina, NY.  My background in education consists of 42 years; 33 years as a public school teacher at Royalton-Hartland and 9 more years at Genesee Community College as an adjunct instructor.  My formal education includes a Master's Degree in Education as well as a School District Administrator's Certification.  Probably my best qualification is that I raised three children that attended Medina CSD and were active in the extracurricular program.  I also firmly believe it is impotant that, because my children are grown and I am retired, I have the time and perspective to be a fair and unbiased board member.  Never wanting to be idle, one of my goals during retirement has been to participate and attempt to give back to a community that has supported me and my family.


 What do you hope to accomplish? The primary purpose for me to serve on the Medina CSD Board of Education is to serve in a supporting role to the school staff and the Medina community, giving oversight, and providing guidance and vision in planning for the future.  This is a challenging time as change is happening faster than most of us are comfortable with.  I hope to be a positive force in planning for a future for the students of Medina.  Education is collaboration.  Working together is the way to accomplish your goals.  I hope to be a person that will be willing to work with others, listen, and provide vision in a direction that will help us achieve those goals.


 Why does education matter?  Outside of the relationships I have had with family and friends, education has been the overriding positive force in my life that has contributed to the quality of my life.  I remember my mom telling me as a young girl in the 1960's, "No matter what happens, make sure you can take care of and support yourself and your children, if you have them."  My education has allowed me to do just that.  Education has offered me many possibilities including new friends, knowledge, financial stability, independence, and confidence that would have been more difficult otherwise.  It has helped me to see the world differently and understand people better.  As a lifelong teacher, the diverse nature of my students taught me as much about them as I hoped they learned from me.  Education allows you to approach problems with optimism and hope, instead of fear.  That is why I feel it is so important.