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Students at Wise Go Digital

Students in fourth grade will be receiving Windows laptops to use during the school day.  This practice is beginning it's 3rd year, and teachers and students become more comfortable using technology as time goes on.  Fourth graders will learn about responsible and safe use of technology through this experience. Fifth graders are continuing to use their Windows devices they received last year during the day to reinforce skills.  Mr. Klein's 5th grade class is going to attempt to go paperless this year! We will update you on their progress as the year continues. 


Students in grade 6 who have been using laptops in school for the past 2 years have been issued Chromebook devices.  Having practiced responsible behavior both with the equipment and in an on-line environment as fourth and fifth graders, the sixth graders will begin to use the devices for homework and classwork completion.  Students who are given permission by their parents/guardians will be taking home devices to work on assigned tasks. Seventh graders will also be using the Chromebooks during the day and outside of class to complete assignments, particularly in the area of mathematics. 

We are excited about the possibilities that these devices are providing for our students as they prepare for the future!