• MHS Library General Rules & Procedures:   notepad

    • Must have a pass or be part of a class to visit the library during the school day
    • Please sign-in and sign-out upon entering and exiting the library
    • Be productive when using the library!
    • Please check-out and return books at the front counter
    • Please return materials in a timely matter & respond to overdue notices
    • Obey all school rules and respect all visitors in the library when visiting

     MHS Library Book Borrowing Procedures:  books

    • You can check-out books, Chromebooks/laptops, flash drives, headphones (in library only) at the Main Desk using your student ID number or name
    • You may borrow books/flash drives for two weeks- 3 at a time; Laptops must stay in school & be returned by 2:50pm.
    • You may renew an item by bringing it to the main counter
    • No additional items may be borrowed until overdue items are returned
    • Please take care of library materials, you will be held responsible for the cost of lost or damaged items

    MHS Library Computer Rules & Procedures:     Computer

    • You must have a user name and password (DO NOT SHARE!)
    • Destiny Discover online is where you locate books & is an icon on the desktop or on the library homepage
    • School work must be saved to your Google Drive.  
    • PLEASE ask permission before printing any colored documents in the library
    • You are expected to adhere to the MCSD acceptable use policy at all times



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