• Each Medina Central School building has a health office staffed by a Registered Nurse during student attendance hours. Students remaining for after-school activities are under the supervision of an adult staff member. An athletic trainer is on site for athletic practices and athletic competitions at the high school. All members of the coaching staff are trained in first aid and CPR according to state guidelines.

    Whenever an emergency may occur, either during or after school hours, every effort will be made to notify parents or other emergency contacts. In extreme emergencies and when the parent/s or other emergency contacts are not reachable, the student’s health and safety may necessitate transportation of the student to the hospital via ambulance. In those rare circumstances when the parent is unavailable, a staff member, if available, will accompany the student until the parent arrives.


    Oak Orchard Elementary (PK to 2nd Grade)


    Phone:  585-798-4084

    Fax:  585-798-6905

    Clifford H. Wise Intermediate School (3rd to 6th Grade)

    Anita Hughes RN, BN.


    Phone:  585-798-2974

    Fax:  585-798-1062

    Medina Junior-Senior High School (7th-12th Grade)

    Sara Moore RN, BSN.


    Phone:  585-798-3843

    Fax:  585-798-5012


    Medina Central School’s Medical Director:   

    Orleans Community Health

    14789 NY-31

    Albion, NY 14411

    Phone:  585-589-2273

    Fax:  585-589-1876