Degrees and Certifications:

Janice Klinzing



    My name is Janice Klinzing and I am a Special Education Teacher at Medina High School.  I have been teaching in Medina since 1998.  I began teaching at Wise Middle School, moved to Oak Orchard after 14 years and last year began teaching here at the high school.  It has truly been a wonderful adventure.  I received my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from NCCC.  I earned my BS in Exceptional Education/Elementary Education from Buffalo State College and my MS as a Reading Specialist from Canisius College.  After graduating from Canisius, I taught graduate classes in Literacy and Elementary Education at Canisius College for a number of years while also teaching in Medina.

    I have been fortunate to have lived in many parts of the world and across the U.S.  I have been married for almost 44 years and my husband and I have six adult children and 15 grandchildren.  We have been involved in Special Education since our oldest son was born and have experienced all the changes that have occurred in Special Education since the mid-seventies.  So much has been accomplished and I feel very fortunate to have been part of the changes.

    Thirteen years ago I moved to Medina with my husband after having lived in Gasport since 1982.  We bought a small hobby farm and raise chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, and a rescue pig and rabbit.  This community is our home and I am proud to live where I teach.  

    My students have taught me so much over the years.  I love seeing former students and I enjoy seeing current students when I am out and about in Medina.  


    Now that our schools have been officially closed, I would like all of my students to use the notes in their binders from the beginning of the year, which includes returned homework, tests, chapter reviews, etc., as review materials in math and ELA.  Use all your math papers to practice from, and if you cannot remember how to do a particular problem, just let me know and email me at .  I will get back to you as quickly as possible.   For ELA, also continue to read your library books.  I am putting new articles and questions on our Google Classroom page so check that frequently.  Look over the questions that have been asked and responded to in Google Classroom as a review but continue to think about the stories we have read and how we thought about what we read.  Those topics will continue to prepare you for responses with our future readings and ELA exams.  Check Mr. Byrne's page and Mr. Lincoln's page often for additional information for science and social studies.  Most of all, know I miss you and if you need to contact me just send an email.  Stay busy, read often and I hope to see you soon. 

    Mrs. Klinzing