• logo     Everyone at Oak Orchard is expected to follow the Mustang Mission of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness! Students and adults are taught and reminded of how to be a good Mustang and in turn a good citizen in our world. 

    Character Traits for the year are as follows: 

    September – RESPECT – To show consideration for the worth of self, others, living things, the environment, property and rules, through my words and actions. 

    October – RESPONSIBILITY – Responsible people are reliable, accept the consequences of their actions, can be trusted, take care of themselves as well as others, and are accountable for all they say and do. 

    November – THANKFULNESS – Being grateful for the things we have, kindness shown and the world around us. 

    December – HONESTY – Being truthful and fair to myself and others.  

    January – KINDNESS - Being polite and helpful with our words and actions, and being thoughtful of how others feel. 

    February – FRIENDSHIP – A relationship between two people who know, like, trust, and support each other. 

    March – COOPERATION – Being willing to be helpful and work together to achieve a common goal. 

    April – PERSEVERANCE – To stick with a task and not give up even when it’s hard. 

    May - SELF-CONTROL – Being aware of thoughts, feelings, and needs of myself and others, then making a choice about how to behave.  

     June – ACCEPTANCE – Recognizing and respecting the opinions, practices and behaviors of others even if they are different from our own and welcoming new experiences and people into our lives.