Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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     Mrs. Julie Webber

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction  


    The Medina Central School District offers a comprehensive educational program to all students, both academically and through enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities. The Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment supports the continuous effort to improve student learning through curriculum and professional development provided to administrators, teachers, and staff.

     Medina Central School District has worked tirelessly on behalf of our students and is recognized as a district in "Good Standing" with all school buildings meeting expectations for student growth.  Student progress will continue to be monitored and the expectation of meeting students' individual needs will remain at the forefront of our efforts.  Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, the Medina Central School District will persevere in our mission to "Educate to inspire all to reach beyond the expected and positively impact their communities."

    Department Chairs support the work of instructional improvement through regular review of standards, teaching methodologies, and assessments that target expected learning outcomes.  In addition to monitoring the needs of the department to which they are appointed, Department Chairs also provide guidance to new teachers to the District through our mentoring program.   

    Department Chairs:

    English Language Arts (PK-3): Andrea Roland

    English Language Arts (4-6): Kari Webster

    English Language Arts (7-12): Elizabeth Dickhut

    Mathematics (PK-3): Courtney Diebel

    Mathematics (4-6): Krista Jaekle

    Mathematics (7-12): Doug Benedict

    Social Studies (PK-3): Tracey Fike

    Social Studies (4-6): Deborah Weber

    Social Studies (7-12): Margaret Martin

    Science (PK-3): Julie Granchelli

    Science (K-5): Rachel Domaracki

    Science (7-12): Gianna Sargent 

    Special Education (PK-3): Morgan Jackson

    Special Education (4-6): Emily Crissman

    Special Education (7-12): Kelly Gates

    World Languages/Art/Music (PK-12): Alexandra Peracciny 

    Business/Technology/FACS/Agriculture (PK-12): Jody Sargent