• Welcome to the Attendance Office

     Attendance Clerk: Jennifer Masse 

    If your child is sick or even if your family is out of town, whatever the reason may be, please call me at (585)798-2710 ext. 4310.  At this time, I will document your child's absence for teachers information.  When your child returns to school a written excuse is required to be submitted to the Clinic.  If I do not receive a call from a parent, you will receive a robo call or I will make a call home on all students who are absent.  It is very important for contact numbers to be accurate for this purpose.   Parent/Legal Guardians should review and complete the Health History Emergency Form mailed out to all parents at the end of August for the new school year.  It is at this time all contact numbers should be updated if need be.


    Phone #; (585)798-2700 X4310

    Fax: (585)318-1280

    Email:  jmasse@medinacsd.org