Welcome to My Classroom

  • Teacher: Sharon Pantera

    Subject: Special Education Grade 7

    Email: spantera@medinacsd.org

    Phone: 585-798-2700


    About Me:

    Hello. I am Mrs. Pantera and this is my 30th year of teaching. I spent he first seven years teaching 6:1:1 classes at O-N BOCES before joining Medina. I love teaching Special Education at Wise Intermediate/Middle School and feel fortunate to have found this my home.

    I was born in Buffalo and attended Holland Central School. I studied at SUNY Oswego and earned a BS in Psychology. I spent several years counseling children in residential treatment facilities, and developmentally disabled adults in day treatment facilities, before going on to earn an MS in Education from SUNY Buffalo.

    Working with children has always been a passion of mine and something I love. It needs to be taken seriously, however be fun and engaging. Children need to be able to see the connections in what they are learning and how it relates to their everyday lives. In Special Education, I work diligently to help them see this connection and find the greatest joy in seeing those light bulbs turn on.

    Aside from Education, I have many other interests. At the top of my list is traveling, which I do every chance I can. I enjoy going to new places and learning as much as I can through travel. I can't get enough of the warm weather and spending time at the beach looking for rocks in the shape of hearts. In the winter, I love downhill skiing.  Aside from that, I prefer remaining indoors and staying warm. My favorite thing, without question, is spending time with family, especially my 5 beautiful grandsons.

    As the year goes on, I am sure you will learn more about me, and I will learn more about you. I look forward to working with you the rest of the year. It will be a very exciting and educational year.