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    • Teacher:  Michelle Gerdes
      Phone:  (585)-798-2700
      Subject: 5th grade
      During this time of the Coronavirus, please stay safe and follow the precautions that you hear about on a regular basis.  Please keep your minds active during this time.  I'm assigning some work and putting up websites on Google Classroom.  Only students have access to this link.   Students can go to Google Classroom on any computer and log in with their regular user name and password.  The assigned activities and websites were chosen to review previously learned materials and to keep students brains sharp.  For math, at this point please go on our IXL website.  Students may choose any topic on IXL that we have already covered in class especially our current topic - FRACTIONS.  Please continue to study MULTIPLICATION FACTS!   Students can study multiplication facts in various ways.   Going on websites we use in class, using multiplication quizlets posted on Google Classroom, or making flashcards are all good ways to study multiplication facts.  For reading, I will be posting different articles and questions from Readworks and Storyworks on a regular basis, so continue to check assignments under our reading tab in Google Classroom.  Also please KEEP READING MYSTERIES!    I still plan on having our Mystery Party at some point.  Mysteries can be found on Epic if you don't have any at home.  For social studies, please check out Mrs. Weber's Social Studies Google Classroom for any assignments that Mrs. Weber may have posted.  Also please study our science review sheet.  We will be having our science test on Matter at some point.   If you have any questions, please email me.  Stay safe!