Welcome to My Classroom

  • Teacher: Krista Lindke

    Subject: Business/Computers

    Email: klindke@medinacsd.org

    Phone: 585-798-2710 Extension 105



    Welcome!  I have been a teacher at Medina High School since 1999, and I am also an adjunct professor at Syracuse University and Genesee Community College. 

    As a graduate of Albion High School and Buffalo State College, I have resided in this area for most of my life.  Previously, I lived in Arizona for a short period of time, and I worked at Royalton-Hartland High School for three years, where I taught and also coached soccer.  

    Outside of teaching, I enjoy traveling with my husband and two children, hiking, various sports, and my dogs and cat.  I am also a volunteer dog walker at a local animal shelter. 

    In addition to the classroom, I am the ESPORTS Club advisor. 

    I love what I teach, because in my classes students will enhance their transferable skills in problem-solving, communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership, all of which are important in any career field they are pursuing.  These courses also provide students with specialty skills in the areas of money management, computer science, and entrepreneurship.  I am constantly adjusting my curriculum for new technologies and current events to make the concepts taught up-to-date and relevant.  Knowing what I teach is of such value and importance to students makes teaching it that much more enjoyable!

    I offer SEVEN courses explained below, THREE of which are for college credit.


    Note:  You can take the college-level courses without going for the college credit...but here are reasons you should:

    • Earn up to 9 credits, which can allow you to graduate early from college AND give you other perks like early registration for classes!
    • These courses will typically fulfill general elective requirements at the college-level and will transfer to most SUNY schools and private universities!
    • Get into tougher universities because taking college-level courses in high school looks great on college applications!
    • Save a ton of money! These courses are offered at a fraction of the cost you would pay at college and sometimes even free, depending upon need!  Also, by graduating early from college you can save even more on housing and other fees!
    • Prepare yourself for college-level work in a familiar environment with a teacher (ME!) who will help you be successful!
    • They are fun and beneficial to your future!



    Grade Level Required

    Brief Description

    Offered for College Credit?



    Play Monopoly while learning about how the finances of a business operate.  Also learn about various money crimes.  Often a required course at the college level, this course will prepare you for that!


    AS Career and Educational Planning



    Often a required freshmen course at the college-level, learn about yourself and identify a career that matches your interests, aptitudes, temperament, and abilities!  Also, prepare documents needed for getting a job and become educated on what it takes to be successful in college. 


    Game Programming


    Develop an individual game by designing interfaces and writing code!  You must take Programming and Problem-Solving (CIS125) first to understand the basics!


    High School and Beyond


    Identify techniques to prepare you for the remainder of your high school career and beyond!  Learn about yourself and careers that interest you in a fun project-based class!


    AS Introduction to Entrepreneurship



    Develop a business model of your own and understand what it takes in today’s business environment to be successful.  Topics covered include marketing, finance, philanthropy, law, and personnel.




    Plain and simple learn how to type correctly and FAST and to prepare entry-level documents using MS Word and Google Docs.



    AS Programming and Problem-Solving



    Write code and design complex interfaces using the language Visual Basic.  Create fun mini-programs related to various topics—some selected by you!  Computer Science is an exciting and high-paying field in demand!