Always Communicate, Organize, and Remember Necessary Skills

    At Oak Orchard Elementary, all students are valued. We strive to provide solid foundational skills during classroom instructional time.

    Reading, writing, math, science, social studies and much more are provided throughout the school day. When students leave the building, it is necessary to reinforce these outside of school through homework and continued practice.

    We care about each of our students and realize that strong support may not be available outside of the school day. Barriers such as time, resources, or knowledge can often hinder continued practice. The ACORNS program is designed to offer the support some students need beyond the normal hours of the school day.

    Students are recommended to be a part oft his extended learning day by their teachers. Every student in ACORNS will be expected to participate fully through attendance, good behavior and a good work ethic.

    Due to space and  maintaining an effective staff/student ratio, space will be limited. Therefore, attendance, behavior and effort will be closely monitored. If necessary, a student may be asked not to continue to make space for another student.