• Welcome to Medina Junior-Senior High School Counseling Center!

    College Admissions Counselors can now go to https://Repvisits.com to schedule an appointment with our High School!  Virtual Visits may still be an option.


    Office Hours: Regular School Day: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

                        Summer Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Phone: (585) 798-2885

    Voice Mail (after hours): (585) 798-6919, then dial ext. #

    Fax:  (585) 798-4357

    Secretary:   Mrs. Lee Hiller

    Ext.2320; E-mail: lhiller@medinacsd.org

    Counselors: Ms. Andrea Morabito: 10-12 Grade (A-K & Spec. Ed)

    Ext. 2323; E-mail: amorabito@medinacsd.org

                        Ms. Audralee Doll: 10-12 Grade L-Z

    Ext. 2322; E-mail: adoll@medinacsd.org 

                        Mrs. Sarah Ha: 7th - 9th Grade 

    Ext. 2318; E-mail: sha@medinacsd.org

    Psychologists: Ms. Julie Handel

    Ext. 2321; E-mail: jhandel@medinacsd.org

    Social Worker: Ms. Noelle Dupont

    Ext: 2324; E-mail: ndupont@medinacsd.org 


    Orleans Mental Health Counselor: Ms. Rebecca Bashford (Fridays)

    Ext. 2355; E-Mail: rbashford@medinacsd.org




    The role of the School Counselor varies in every district. At Medina Jr-Sr High School, the counselors work with students on graduation requirements, college and career decisions, personal matters and scheduling concerns. We counsel students on academic, career and social/emotional issues. If indicated, we may refer students and their families to outside agencies for more intensive or specialized therapy. Students are welcome to come to our offices before and after school or during lunch or study hall to make an appointment to see us. Emergencies or students who are upset are handled immediately. The following is an outline of the services that we provide:


    Educational: fulfilling graduation requirements, testing, selecting courses, scheduling, college and career information
    Vocational: career information, referrals, employment options
    Personal: group and individual counseling
    Referrals: community agency services

    College and Career:

    Resources: books, videotapes, CD's, literature, college catalogs, scholarship information
    Speakers: college and military recruiters, career representatives
    Events: Career Roundtables, College Fairs, informational activities for parents
    Research: "Choices" program (interest inventory, career options, college research), college CD's (campus "tours"), Internet capability
    Testing: PSAT, SAT, ACT exams

    Community Services:

    Upward Bound: Tutoring and college preparation, Counselor is in on Thursdays
    L.I.F.E.: Tutoring and enrichment activities, Counselor is in 2 days/week

    GCASA: Substance abuse counseling, Albion (585) 589-0055

    Orleans Recovery Hope: (585) 210-8750 
    CareNet: Healthy Life choices, Albion (585) 589-7505 
    Orleans Care and Crisis Helpline (585) 283-5200,  Text Line: 741741 
    Underage Drinking Tipline: 1 (800) 851-1932
    Acces-VR: Adult and career educational services for eligible Seniors


    Responsibilities -

    Counselor Responsibilities:

    Monitor each student to insure that graduation requirements are being met
    Meet with each student at least once a year to review credits, select courses, etc.
    Be available to answer questions, provide resources, discuss concerns, help find solutions
    Meet with parents, as needed
    Help each student to have a successful high school career
    Assist students with career planning and post-graduate plans

    Student Responsibilities:

    Make and keep appointments with your counselor
    Know about upcoming dates and deadlines and meet those deadlines
    Listen to morning announcements for information about important events
    Visit the counseling office frequently to get information and ask questions
    Frequently check out Scholarship Bulletin Board and Job Listings Board

    Parent Responsibilities:

    Encourage students to visit the counseling office to get information and meet deadlines
    Call the counselor to ask questions, discuss concerns, obtain information
    Make an appointment to meet with the counselor and/or teachers to discuss concerns
    Monitor academic progress and daily homework