•  Assessment

      Assessments are the starting point of the teaching and learning process.

    While standards set the bar for what students are expected to know and be able to do, our assessments tell us where students fall on the learning continuum and the progress they've made in meeting these expectations.  Beyond the data that teachers gather on a daily basis through their "in-the-moment" work with students, the district utilizes a number of other tools to provide information used to measure and analyze student performance.

     Fast Bridge Assessments

    Fastbridge is used in our district as our benchmarking tool to monitor overall student progress in ELA, Math, and Social/Emotional learning. 

    Standardized Assessment

    NYS requires that all students in grades 3-8 take annual assessments in English Language, Arts and Math. Students in grades 4 & 8 also take a NYS Science Assessment. The data that is provided by these assessments helps teachers to:

    • Monitor and evaluate the instructional program
    • Identify individual, class, and cohort strengths and weaknesses.
    • Measure the performance of Medina students in comparison to other students in NY State.
    • Provide support and additional resources/services to individual students.

     Students in grades 8 (if accelerated)-12 take NYS Regents Examinations as required for graduation. For more information regarding Regents and Advanced Placement exams, please see the HS Academic section here.

    For students with disabilities who complete NYS Alternate Assessment as per their Individualized Education Plan, see the office of Special Programs site here.