Mr. Mark B. Kruzynski, Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools

  • Dr. Mark B. Kruzynski

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    Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk:

    Ms. Julie Kuhn


    Dear Parent/Guardian,


    Looking out my office window as I write this, I see trees starting to show buds. And while it feels like school has just started, we are more than halfway through the school year.  One of the most important questions I am often asked by parents is, “How can help my child perform better in school?”

    There has been plenty of research completed on how students learn. Children learn best when they are well fed, well rested, and physically and mentally healthy. While most of the schooling we all received focused primarily on academics, in recent years, there has been much publicity made of the need that schools need to help students learn about how to interact socially with each other, how to demonstrate self-control, and to become self-aware. As students better develop these skills, they will be more successful academically, socially, and ultimately, as productive members of our community.

    This year, the Medina Central School District has been focusing on educating the whole child.  We have expanded our curriculum to include social and emotional learning, as well as the traditional academic focus.  I invite all parents to attend the next Mustang Parent Academy session on March 7 at 6pm at Wise Intermediate School.  Specifically, representatives from the district will discuss Social Emotional Learning.  What is it?  What are we doing in Medina?  And how can parents support their children at home?  This event is open to the entire community, and there will be pizza, soda, and door prizes.  We invite you to attend!

    As students progress throughout their educational careers, teachers are very aware that high achieving students are often the same students whose parents have been involved in their growth and development at school.  Parents play a critical role in the development of personal responsibility, which is so important in success at school.  It is important that parents work together with teachers to support their child’s education.  Please maintain the lines of communication with your child’s teachers, so that we can all work together to help your child be successful in school, and in life.

    Thank you for being your child’s most important teacher, and for supporting our schools.



    Mark B. Kruzynski, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools