Mr. Mark B. Kruzynski, Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools

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    Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk:

    Mrs. Janice Jovanelly



    It seems like it was just yesterday that we welcomed all of our students back to school.  It is tough to believe that we have just reached the midpoint of the school year.  One of the most important questions I am often asked by parents is, “How can help my child perform better in school?”

    There has been plenty of research completed on how students learn.  Children are far more interested in learning from their parents, and in receiving their parents approval than any other person in their childhood.  The parent is the child’s first and most important teacher.

    The most important thing a parent can do is read to their children.  This will help a child in the development of language skills, and will help them understand the world around them.  Additionally, reading helps children develop an interest in learning.  Once a child enters school, the parents can support the teacher through homework and involvement in school.

    As students progress throughout their educational careers, teachers are very aware that high achieving students are often the same students whose parents have been involved in their growth and development at school.  Parents play a critical role in the development of personal responsibility, which is so important in success at school.  It is important that parents work together with teachers to support their child’s education.  Please maintain the lines of communication with your child’s teachers, so that we can all work together to help your child be successful in school, and in life.

    If you are a parent and you are reading this column, you are already demonstrating an interest in what is happening in the Medina Central School District.  I would encourage you to join the PTSA, the Parents’ Athletic Club, or the Mustang Band Boosters.  Additionally, Mr. Doctor is looking for parent volunteers to help with our newly formed Education Recreation Club.  If you would like to volunteer to serve as a role model for students, please contact Mr. Daniel Doctor at 798-2700 x6. 

    Thank you for being your child’s most important teacher, and for supporting our schools.



    Mark B. Kruzynski

    Superintendent of Schools