Board of Education Members

  • Mrs. Arlene Pawlaczyk, President

    Term Expires 6/30/20

    Address:  11553 Portage Road, Medina  14103

    Phone Number:  585-590-9018



    Mrs. Wendi V. Pencille, Vice President

    Term Expires 6/30/22

    Address: 11207 Ryan Road, Medina 14103

    Phone Number: 585-798-3531


    Committee:  Audit/Finance


    Dr. Ann Bunch, Board Member

    Term Expires 6/30/21

    Address: 430 Howell Parkway, Medina 14103

    Phone Number: 585-798-2692


    Committee:  Audit/Finance (Chairperson)


    Ms. Lori Draper, Board Member

    Term Expires 6/30/21

    Address:  5364 Salt Works Road, Middleport 14105

    Phone Number: 585-590-2171


    Committee:  Policy/Personnel (Chairperson)


    Mr. William Keppler, Board Member

    Term Expires 6/30/20

    Address: 4660 Water Works Road, Medina 14103

    Phone Number: 585-590-2061


    Committee:  Buildings & Grounds/Transportation (Chairperson)




    Ms. Kellie Schrader-Hurrell, Board Member

    Term Expires 6/30/22

    Address:  321 Eagle St., Medina  14103


    Committee:  Policy/Personnel


    Mr. David Sevenski, Board Member

    Term Expires 6/30/20

    Address:  3849 Bates Road, Medina 14103

    Phone Number:  585-798-5904


    Committee:  Buildings & Grounds/Transportation


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    Community Members on Board of Education Committees:

    Audit/Finance Committee: Nelda Toussaint

    Audit/Finance Committee: Charles Pettit

    Audit/Finance Committee: Carol Lonnen