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  • Teacher's: Thomas Forrestel

    Subject: Science 7


    Phone: (585) 798-2100 ext. 105



    About me:

    I have proudly been a science teacher in this district for 22 years. I've also been the Varsity boys' basketball coach for 20 years running. I enjoy working with the students and athletes of this community and love coming to work every day!  I spend my free time being a Dad, hunting, camping, and enjoying nature as much as possible. I received both my Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Niagara University.


    Students and their families, Hi! I wanted to reach out and try to be a calming force as we navigate these unusual times. Here's my mission statement: ACADEMICALLY, IN SCIENCE, THINGS WILL BE TOTALLY FINE! That's it. Plain and simple. It's most certainly time to "play the hand we are dealt". I invite my students to investigate the following topics and tackle the following tasks. I will not be testing this information. The bottom line is that the more effort you guys (students) put in to this information, the more you'll get out of it. Please take care, be well, and do things to make the world around you better! I'll see you as soon as possible.

    COVID-19 Extended Shut-down Assignments:

    Week 3/16-3/20

    Monday 3/16- Ch.10-1 RQ p. 251 # 4,6,7,9

    Tuesday 3/17- Ch.10-2 RQ p. 255 #3,5,6,9

    Wednesday 3/18- Ch.10-3 Notes

    Thursday 3/19- STUDY


    Week 3/23-3/27

    Monday 3/23- Ch.11-1 Notes

    Tuesday 3/24- Ch.11-2 Notes

    Wednesday 3/25- Ch.11-3 Notes


    Week 3/30-4/3

    Monday 3/30- Ch.14-2 RQ P.365 #3-7

    Tuesday 3/31- Ch.14-3 RQ p.369 #3,4,5,8