• Attendance

    To receive the maximum benefit from classroom and instructional participation, it is important that a child report to school each day. However, when students are absent or tardy, it is the parent's responsibility to call the school immediately on the morning of the first absence. If no phone call is received, school personnel will attempt to call the student's home to verify the absence. Per New York State Law, the student's parent/guardian must provide the school with a written explanation concerning all absences upon the child's return to school. Excuses should include: child's first and last name, date of the absence, and reason for absence (if a reason is not provided, the student will be marked 'unexcused'). 

    Please call the following number if your child will be absent from, or tardy to school. 585-798-2700 ext. 2. If your child is not present, it is important that school personnel is aware that your child is safely at home!


    Tardy and Truant Students

    If a student is tardy to school, he/she must report to the office. After four unexcused tardies, students may face disciplinary consequences, including detention. Students who are not in school, or who are tardy without parental or school consent, may be considered truant. Truancy violates state and local attendance laws and will be conisdered a serious offense.  


    Early Dismissal

    Parents are urged to have their children in school all day. If possible, doctor/personal appointments should be scheduled outside of the regular school day, or on school breaks/holidays. If your child needs to be dismissed early, the following procedures should be adhered to in order to minimize classroom interruptions:

    1) Send a note to school with your child stating the reason, time, and date for the early dismissal

    2) When you arrive, please come to the office - your child will be released from the classroom at this time 

    3) Sign your child out before leaving the building