• Fun Learning Activities!


    Below are sites that you may visit in the library if you are in study hall and all your classwork is complete. If there is a site that you would like to use that is not listed below, please ask Mrs. O'Toole or Mrs, Heschke before proceeding. YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON ANY OTHER "GAME" SITE UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION.

    Thank you for your cooperation!



    Click on the pictures below to enter the following sites:



    Math, Puzzles, Strategy, Logic-

     Neo   Educational games, puzzles, and videos grades K-12


    ixl   Practice math and language arts K-12



    Be Creative-


    ART   NGAkids Art Zone- Interactive art that you can make online



    TOOLKIT    Build your own works of art



    TATE     Interactive art games



    Word Fun-

    wordle   Create your own word cloud and print in color



     word central     Super resource for having fun with words



    Reading, Spelling, Typing-

    typing   Typing activities & games


    type   Typing practice and help 


    spell city    Learning tool for spelling, vocabulary, & writing help

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