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Welcome to My Classroom

  • Teacher: Scott Gerdes

    Subject: Grade 4


    Phone: 585-798-2700


    Hello everyone,


    During this time that you are out of school for the coronavirus concern, please stay safe.  Follow the advice that you hear everywhere around you in regards to staying safe during this time.  For school work, keep your brain going.  I will provide school work and some suggestions on activities to do, as well as links to various websites to keep your brain active.   Go to google classroom to see the new link.  This link will only work for students who are already registered into our google classroom, so students, you will need to show your parents how to get into google classroom at home.  Remember, read daily and know your multiplication facts.   Stay safe and you can email me at school if needed.  I will be checking school email on a regular basis.  


    Mr. Gerdes