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Superintendent of Schools

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    Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk:

    Ms. Julie Kuhn



    In the Summer of 2015, under the leadership of Mr. Jeffrey Evoy, the Medina Central School District completed an intensive strategic planning process.  A team of teachers, students, community members, parents, and board members met to provide a direction for all decisions made in the school district. This planning process clarified the vision for the Medina Central School District - to Exemplify Excellence in Education.  The process also developed a mission statement for the district, which is to educate to inspire all to reach beyond the expected and to positively impact their communities

    During this process, the stakeholders articulated the core beliefs of the Medina Central School District:

    • We hold high expectations for all students and support individual needs to ensure success.
    • Everyone is treated with respect and dignity.
    • We encourage creativity, innovation and problem solving.
    • Families and community members are essential partners in our students’ success.
    • A safe, respectful environment is conducive to learning.
    • We value a strong, honest work ethic and accountability.
    • We continuously assess and optimize our programs, practices and services.

    Finally, the planning committee created several measurable goals for the district to strive to attain.  Those goals were mapped out until 2018.

    I am pleased to report that with the assistance of Lynne Erdle and Dr. Julie Winston from the University of Rochester, the Medina Central School District has completed a comprehensive review and update of our Strategic Plan.  Demographic, participation, and testing data was reviewed, and compared to other districts. A parent and community survey was distributed which generated a great deal of feedback. Hundreds of students were interviewed. All staff members were interviewed.  Staff, students, board members, community members, and parents spent 4 days reviewing this data and making informed decisions on setting our priorities for the future.

    Over the next few months, I will be presenting our updated strategic plan to schools, parent organizations, and community organizations.  Our plan will continue to build on the growth the district has had since 2015, and will focus on the following four areas: 

    • Academic Excellence: All learners will engage in purposeful and robust learning opportunities to perform at a high level of growth and achievement.
    • Culture: The District will embrace attitudes and behaviors which promote a positive culture to cultivate a foundation of trust and growth.
    • Family and Community Partnerships: The District will engage in meaningful relationships with home and community.
    • Student Experience: The District will create and maintain opportunities that foster the development of students’ character and well-being.

    I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the strategic planning process.  I am proud to be a member of the Medina School community, and I look forward to watching our students and staff to continue to grow, achieve, and truly exemplify excellence in education.