A Parent's Guide to Special Education

  • In accordance with Chapter 434 of New York State Education Law, section 4402, this information serves to inform you of your rights in relation to referral and evaluation of your child for the purposes of Special Education services or programs pursuant to applicable federal and state laws. As a parent/guardian, you reserve the right to make a referral to the committee on special education on behalf of your child when you suspect the presence of a disability.


    The “Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-12: A Parent’s Guide”, can be found on the New York State Education website.  Excerpts from this guide can be found referenced throughtout the Medina Central School District Office of Special Program site.  This resource, available in multiple languages, outlines all aspects of Special Education that a parent or guardian may need to know, including: referral, evaluation, timelines, the individualized education program and much more.