• Attention Juniors and Seniors:

     Medina Junior-Senior High School is privileged to offer the opportunity and convenience of hosting college representatives and military recruiters right here in our building.  The Counseling Center will post and announce college/university rep visits.  Recruiters are listed on our announcement TV if we know when they are coming ahead of time.  Keep a lookout for any information! 

    College/University Visits:  If you are interested in meeting with a Representative, let your counselor know in advance and we will have a hall pass ready for you on the day of the visit.

    Military Recruiters:  Recruiters typically set up a table outside the cafeteria during lunch periods whenever they are in the area.  Students are welcome to stop by the table to ask questions and receive information.

    Side note: Since COVID, many reps and recruiters are offering virtual meetings as well.  Let your counselor know if you would like to have a meeting with anyone in particular and we will help arrange a time for a Zoom meet.