• The Immigrant Experience Project~ 
    Mr. Bell, US History
      Below are helpful resources to use for your project:

    us history  US History In Context- Database



    loc Library of Congress~ Immigration- Website


     Poster Template~ Please Read Below Before Opening!!

    If you are working in group, only one student should open (make a copy) of the document.

    Once open name your poster and share it with your partner.


    Poster Example

    Directions for printing posters:


    1. Click printer button

    2. Next to "Save as PDF", click on small arrow and choose "See more..."

    3. Select HS-LIB-3055, if that is not an option choose Mobility_Print

    4. Click on arrow next to "More settings"

    5. Next to "Paper size" select 12x18

    6. Next to "Scale" choose Fit to paper

    7. Set to Color

    8. Click "Print" and choose Sign in with Google

    9. Select your name and the document should print from the copier in the library; If you selected Mobility_Print you might have to login to the copier in order to release the print. 


    **Ask Mrs. O'Toole for help if needed :)