• Medina School District’s Counselors are dedicated to serving and assisting our students with socio-emotional development to promote a successful learning experience throughout their educational journey. Here at Oak Orchard, our Counselors provide:

    Consultation: If you are concerned about a student. Or even just looking for a fresh perspective on a situation, School Counselors can help!

    Group Counseling: When there are multiple students experiencing similar problems or issues it can be helpful for them to be in a counseling group together. Group counseling helps students build relationships and develop skills that promote academic success and resiliency.

    Individual Meetings: School counselors use individual meetings to discuss social/emotional and academic issues with students. Referrals can be recommended by parents, teachers, or even by the student.

    School-Wide Character Education: Our counselors work diligently on promoting a safe and encouraging school environment through weekly classroom lessons, school-wide events and positive behavioral expectations.

     There are many more ways that the School Counselors can support you and your students. When teachers, parents and counselors collaborate, we all benefit from its efforts.